Register of technicians, professionals, actors, actresses and companies of the Rionegrino Audiovisual Sector

The Secretary of State for Culture, through its Polo Audiovisual Directorate, is carrying out the registration of technicians, professionals, actors, actresses and companies in the Audiovisual Sector in Rio Negro.

During the years 2019 and 2020, the Government of the province of Río Negro, prioritized the creation of the Audiovisual Development Program in order to finance the production, promotion and dissemination of the audiovisual activity carried out in the provincial territory (Law 5380 and its Regulatory Decree 1536/20). With the aim of promoting the competitive and innovative development of the Rio Negro audiovisual sector.

This registration is a fundamental step for participation in the different calls of the AUDIOVISUAL PROMOTION PROGRAM with the aim of promoting the development of the audiovisual sector, based on the strengthening of the processes of creation, production, distribution and exhibition of audiovisual content in the province. by Río Negro

Also, promote actions for the development of audiovisual culture, the promotion and promotion of activity in its cultural and industrial dimension, internationalize audiovisual products and services, promote the training and improvement of audiovisual technicians, professionals, teachers and cultural managers.

Register of technicians, professionals, actors and actresses.

Register of Companies

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